Monday, January 28, 2013

Taking a 15

It's one of those days I'm going to need to take advantage of being an hourly employee and getting two fifteen minute breaks. Maybe it's the weather (very dreary, foggy, sprinkley) or maybe it's the fact that I have the slightest touch of a cold, but I am just getting into my groove yet.

I decided to spend my first 15 minute break blogging. Lucky you.

My weekends are beyond busy anymore. I have no idea why. Even when I was off for the whole month of December, I didn't seem to have a lot of down time. I'm not exactly sure what is up with that, but at this point I would kill for a day with my DVR. Maybe this coming Saturday?

Friday night kicked off with bra shopping at Dillards in CB, then I met Missy for dinner before we hit the ice skating competition at the Century Link Center. Now I can't lie...I didn't know exactly what I was watching. For a split second I thought it was the Olympics, but then I realized that can't be right. Missy said it's just a competition that is held every year. All I know for sure is 1. It was freezing to death until I died in the arena. 2. I ate ice cream anyway. 3. The judging seemed rigged. and 4. Those boys fall down a lot.

Saturday morning I got up and ran my fastest 5K (33 minutes, 20 seconds. Shut up. That's good for me.) and then went to pick up Mom and Gram. We went to the Classic Cafe in Malvern to eat lunch, because Peg told me the hot beef is amazing, made from scratch, using real meat, etc, etc. I told Gram if she didn't like it, she was going to have to just give up the search. We have been looking for a good hot beef lunch for her for well over a year now, and I am out of ideas.

Guess what? She actually liked it, except it was too much. So next time we will ask for half of it to be boxed up right from the start, and she will be happy. Amazing. Never thought that day would come.

After that, I met Gavin, Eric, Nicole and Kate at the bowling alley in Glenwood. Gavin was acting like he was on crack, and he bowled like nine games in a row (he was on his own lane). He invited us over after, and then Eric invited us to go to dinner as a family (he is so weird sometimes). So we went to the best family place I know...Hooters. Gavin didn't really understand the dancing, but he did like his grilled cheese sandwich.

Sunday Missy and I went to church. I do like this going to church every Sunday thing, but the Catholic church next door to me is proving to be a little much. So I went to a Lutheran church with her on Sunday. I liked it a lot - it was a contemporary service, so the songs were more upbeat and everything was just more casual. I like not dealing with holy water (I just think it's so gross...don't strike me dead, God) and all the traditions that Catholics do that I can't get on board with weren't happening. So I may stick to that church for awhile, but Missy is also on this kick to go to a different church every Sunday, so I may stick with her crazy religion tour of Omaha. After that we went to breakfast (I ate a lot this weekend) and then to Katie's. I went home after that and finally took my tree down (don't judge) and cleaned out a bunch of stuff. Then Katie came over and we watched the SAG awards.

15 minute break is up.

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