Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mother Nature is a b-word

I cannot believe I am going to blog about the weather, but I cannot freaking handle this anymore.

I hate winter with the passion of Christ. With the passion of 138718471 suns. With a hatred like I've never posessed for anything in my life.

I am cold ALL THE TIME. It is like 75 degrees in my apartment and I am still freezing every minute. I am freezing all day at work. I wear huge sweaters to try to keep warm. I type with mittens on. I can't warm up.

Waking up to snow this morning was like a slap to my already frozen face. Are you kidding me? Get your shit together Mother Nature.

I have no idea how to get warm. Right now I am wearing knee socks, Ugg-type boots, pants, a shirt and this huge sweater. And I am freezing to the point that my nose is dripping just because my brain is like a dripping icicle.

Maybe I should start wearing underwear? Would that warm me up?

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