Thursday, January 24, 2013

Breaking up is hard to do

I went through three break ups this week. I know. What can I say, I'm easy.  

The first two I was the dumper. It was hard, but I just deleted them out of my life. 

Mike and Molly. Deleted.
Go On. Deleted. 

That's right. I deleted them right off my DVR and out of my life. This did not come without hesitation. I love Melissa McCarthy. But I can't handle her naggy character on the show. And her mother-in-law is the most unlikable character I have ever come across on my many (many, many) hours of television watching. 

It was very hard to break up with Go On. I am a long time lover of Matthew Perry. Chandler has so many characteristics that I want in a future husband. But I just can't deal with the show anymore. 

Last night I got dumped. American Horror Story Asylyn ended, for good. Sure, the show will be back next season, but everything will be different. The best moment on tv last year was when Adam Levine used his own lube...himself...before laying it into his wife in an abandoned insane asylum. SO HOT. But now that's over.

Yes, I know I watch too much TV. And my DVR is one of the most important items in my house. I can't even remember my life without it. 

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