Monday, January 14, 2013

Blind spots

I know this is in my head, but I seem to be invisible lately. People cut me off on the roads, they cut me off in aisles at the store, and I've actually had carts rammed into me. It's so bad that during an entire Walmart adventure last week, I actually thought I had died at some point during the day and I was Bruce-Willis--I-See-Dead-People-ing it around Walmart. Not until the cashier spoke to me was I sure I was alive.

This has got me thinking about blind spots, not only actual blind spots that vision doesn't pick up, but blind spots with people. Some people cannot do wrong with me. I am blind to their faults, their lies, their bullshit. I'm so good about calling most people out on things, but there are some people who are just perfect in my eyes.

Kids, obviously, fall into this category. Even when I watch Cooper haul off and punch his mom right in the arm, I kinda think it's Hannah's fault. And Gavin can do no wrong in my book.

Wait. It's only my nephews who are in my blind spot. As I sit here, I remember Kaylee once taking a baseball bat to Gavin's head. After laughing a little bit (I mean, come on, it was a plastic bat), I totally told on Kaylee.

So clearly I favor boys. I always have. When a guy cheats on his girlfriend, I question what the girlfriend did wrong. I always makes excuses for guys. I always stick up for my boys, and I always have. I think most girls and women turn into nagging bitches once you put a ring on it, and I even went as far as hating Molly (as in Mike and Molly) after they got engaged cause man, a bitch can bitch, huh?

My grandpa and my dad completely fall into this category. My grandpa is one of the drunkest, rudest, most racist people alive, but I think he's amazing. My dad is absolutely perfect, and don't try to tell me differently.

Other boys fall into this category as well. Pretty much any boy from Glenwood gets a free pass in my book.

So I guess a better thought it, if I favor males this much, why am I still single?

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