Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What if the world seriously does end?

Yesterday when I was meeting with my mentee, she asked me "What is up with this end of the world thing?"

I explained the Mayan calendar and how it ends on Dec 21, 2012. I really sounded like I knew what I was talking about, even though I don't really get it myself. I love when Allison asks me to explain things to her; I sound smart and she looks at me like I'm a genius.

"Like, how will the world end?" she asked next. "I don't know...maybe a huge storm? Like a flood where everyone dies?" I answered. Like I said, I haven't really looked into this world ending thing.

"Well if there is a storm on Friday I am not hanging out at school all day. I am just going to walk out the door and go home," she declared. I can't blame her, so I told her that was fine. I don't like to be a nag to her, so I often just agree when she tells me she is going to break the rules.

I guess since we don't really know if the world will end Friday, it is hard to plan for it. But what if it does happen? Running my next workout today will seem like a waste of time. So will paying my bills, or saving any money. I should be out spending everything I have, since by Saturday we will all be long gone. And who cares about finding a job?

I feel that with the world possibly ending on Friday, along with crazed gunmen going on batshit crazy shooting sprees every 4-6 months, you never know what's going to happen. So last night, when I was laying awake til 3am, I had a revelation. I need to make sure every single day every single person in my life knows that I love them and would be lost without them.

This morning, I was going to reach out to everyone I know and tell them I love them. But now that I am upright and not sleep deprived, that does seem like a lot of work. So I will make a new promise - I will make sure that when I come across people I love, I will make sure they feel loved.

So I'll start with you - if you are reading this, I more than likely love you. Unless you are stalking me and this is how you keep tabs on what I am doing. Then I just kinda like you.

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