Friday, December 14, 2012


The tragedy that happened today, and continues to unfold as the hours pass, is the worst to happen to us in my lifetime.

I can't think of a scarier situation. Just yesterday I was trying to think of what American Horror Story will focus on next season - this season is a Catholic mental institution and I couldn't think of what they will do next season, as this season is the scariest situation in the world.

Nope. A crazed gunman shooting up a kindergarten class is the scariest fucking thing in the entire fucking world. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK. Seriously?

Obviously I am not personally affected by this. It happened in Connecticut, I am in Nebraska. I was paying bills at my desk when the breaking news alert happened. I was at lunch with Nick as his iPhone kept beeping with updated fatality numbers.

My sister was teaching her 3rd graders, and my niece and nephew were in their kindergarten classes. That makes this case close enough to hit my heart. I cannot even imagine losing one of those three people.

However, two things are really pissing me off about this whole thing, and since this is my blog, you have to deal with my rant.

1. All of these people who are putting up Facebook statuses about hugging their kids tighter today need to get a clue. Seriously? Hug your fucking kids every day. And make sure every single hour of their lives they feel loved, and cared for, and supported. Make those kids feel like they are people who can do anything they want to, and that they matter in this world. Then maybe, one day, they won't go apeshit and shoot up a school because of their mommy issues.

2. SERIOUSLY? Taking a day like today to go on a political rant about religion in schools or the second amendment. QUIT BEING AN ASSHOLE.

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