Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ringing in 2013

Since the major theme of my blog lately seems to be that I am old as hell, I will add one more example. New Years Eve is next week, and I don't want to do anything. 

Seriously. I want to sit on my couch with a bottle of wine and hopefully fall asleep before the new year hits. 

In the past, New Years Eve was my favorite holiday. Before I worked at the casino, we had house parties.

This was Y2K, when we weren't exactly sure if we would live through the night and the best way we knew to handle it was play "Back That Ass Up" on repeat.

This was 2002, at the Davenport house. That house was fucking sick. And apparently I drank Bud Heavy. And Pat was just a little guy. And I didn't know what a hair straightener was. 

After I graduated college, I spent my New Years with my best friends at the casino. My first year there was ringing in 2004, when I was just a young pup. 

Oh young Jen...back away from these two. 

Jill and I threw many new years parties throughout the years. 

My favorite year ever was our Casablanca themed New Year. 
Adam and I posed for pictures every year, even though I basically wore the same outfit for seven straight years. 

And last year, even though it had been three years since I had worked at a casino, I ended up back there at the VIP party with Roy.

Oh old Jen...back away. this year I'm thinking I'm ringing in the New Year alone. And I'm fine with that. 

Unless someone comes up with something to do. 

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