Monday, December 31, 2012


I'm not sure how I feel about New Years Resolutions. Last year I resolved to hit my ultimate weight loss goal, and I fell short of that. I also resolved to travel more to see my friends and I where. So clearly I suck, so I have thought carefully about my resolutions for 2013. I have decided on three:

1. Pay more attention to where I park at stores. It never fails. I park, run into Walmart, leave 20 minutes later and wander around the parking lot looking for my car. It is especially annoying in the winter time, and embarrassing when I have friends with me.
2. Get off my iPhone. I have GOT to break my addiction to my phone. I'm pretty sure this is why I'm not able to fall asleep at night. It is far too important to play one more game of tri-tower than it is to close my eyes. Also, I feel that this goal will help me be more "in the moment". That may not make sense. I just feel that because I am on my phone so much, I am not really paying attention to anything around me and really being "there" for the people I am with.
3. Continue running even though I hate it. I sweat like an em-effer and I always feel awesome afterwards. I may never run a marathon, but I will continue to do my running workouts.

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