Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas Grinch

Apparently I have another thing to add to my list of ways I am old as hell. I cannot sleep or poo anywhere but my own house. 

I went down to Glenwood (my favorite place on earth, mind you) on the 23rd to make Christmas treats with my mom all day. I decided it was easier just to stay the night, since we were having lunch at Dad's the next day. And I may as well spend the night again, since I was going up to Mom's all day on the 25th. And then, really, I should stay the 25th since I have an early morning haircut on the 26th and then another holiday lunch with my siblings. 

AHHHHH! I made it until halfway through the day on the 25th and then decided I needed to go home. I got NO SLEEP at all during my Glenwood sleepover, and I hadn't pooed in days. I know. TMI. But it's my blog, so shut up.

I hit Grinch status at about 6pm on Christmas Day. So I said goodbye to the wood and headed to Homaha (with my sister Kate), and we straightened our hair and prepared for this morning's big cut.

We hooked up with Leanna at 10am and she chopped our locks. 

Locks of Love gained twenty inches of hair, and we look super fly with our new haircuts.

After the haircuts we had lunch, and of course, mom wanted pics. This is my favorite picture of the four of us ever. Mom wanted Nicole's belly in the picture, which disgusted me (pregnancy is gross) and Kate's face is flawless. 
My new favorite thing to do when I see Bill is try to beat the shit out of him. I can't (obviously) and I burn a couple hundred calories trying. 

Now that I've been home by myself, cleaned and put everything away, done laundry and gone grocery shopping, I'm less grinchy and more Jen. Apparently I just needed some Jen time. All better now!!

Hope you all had a great holiday - I'm excited to get 2013 started! 

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