Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday greetings!

I don't mail out Christmas cards. I don't have a family, so it seems a little weird to just send out a card with pictures of myself on it. But of course, the whole purpose of a blog is to be self-obsessed, so if I was to send out a holiday newsletter...this would be it.

Seasons greetings dudes!

This is my sister, not my lesbian lover. Although I do think people mistake us at times.

2012 was a very big year for me. 

I lost more weight...
I still have more weight to lose, so hopefully I have another picture to add to my collection of shrinking faces. I realize I talk about this a lot - but I don't care. This has been huge and life changing. I will probably always talk about this weight loss journey because it truly has defined my life. 

In June, I had massive surgery to remove a tumor from my neck. That absolutely sucked. Thank God for my wonderful friends and family who nursed me through that, especially to my sisters Nicole and Kate, who stayed with me at the hospital and picked my nose for me (no joke).  And a special thanks to Kate, who snapped this picture. 

I also got ordained as a minister this year and married my sister to her new sucker husband, Eric.

And in September, I graduated with my masters degree, Summa Cum Laude, and was the graduation speaker! Not bad for a girl who barely graduated with a bachelors degree. 

On December 1st, I got laid off...again...Kaplan is closing the Council Bluffs campus, so I'm out of a job. However, since I am four years older than my first two layoffs, I am handling things quite differently. For one, I did not get drunk and puke on myself the night I got the news. I have already applied to several jobs, but they are actually jobs I want - not just anything. I have this weird feeling everything is going to work out for the best. I have been looking for a new job since Kaplan proved to me they are not a place I can be valued or do my best work. So...everything happens for a reason. 

That's all from me. Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and here's to 2013!

Oh, and I hope we don't all die on 12/21/12.

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