Friday, December 21, 2012

Hating the face

I am seriously struggling with my relationship with Facebook.

I think I hate it. 

It's like when you're in a relationship, and you know you are miserable and the guy really can't do anything to please you anymore. Everything he says annoys you, but you've been together a lot of years and you are a creature of habit, so you stay. Plus, your own sick obsession makes you want to stay, because you can't let him go. 

I admit I use Facebook a lot. I don't update my status as much as others, or as much as I used to. I do put pictures up every so often. Right now I am using it more often, because 1. I am unemployed, and 2. I created a fan page for my dad's christmas display so I have been updating that daily. 

I think there are some things that Facebook is very good for. Personally, when I reach weight loss milestones, I post pictures into a specific album I created for my weight loss journey. I don't do this for the feedback, I do it to hold myself accountable. I am not ridiculous enough to think all of my friends give a crap about me, but I do know some of them have really followed my journey and sent me messages or asked questions about my diet. I have reconnected with a friend from middle school who has also lost this much weight, and we motivate each other. Once I post a picture, I know I can't go backwards. I can't put the weight back on. And for that, I have to thank Facebook. 

However...there are many, many things I hate about this stupid social media site.

5. People who complain about other people who post spoilers about tv shows. Are you serious? You are too busy to watch a show you "care" about so much, yet you can be on facebook? Here's an idea...stay off the fucking internet if you know you are watching some stupid show that other people are watching. It's not like you have to check into facebook every hour...just stay the hell off of it if you think someone is going to ruin your life by posting about a tv show. 

4. Girls who live a fake life through this stupid site. I say "girls" because, sitting here, I can't think of a single man who does this. If you have to post every day about how wonderful your man is, and how perfect your family is, more than likely you are trying to make yourself believe that as much as you are your "friends". Also in this category - girls (again, never seen this from a guy) who think that their wedding is in the same realm as the royal wedding. It's one fucking day. You do not need to continuously post pictures from your one day for an entire year. Also, an album of over 200 pictures from a day that is all about you isn't necessary. No one wants to look through those pictures. And no one wants to see pictures of you kissing your new husband in a hotel room on your honeymoon. We all know that sex followed that kiss (hopefully) so fucking keep it to yourself. 

3. People who repost those stupid pictures that look like they are from Pinterest, but I am not really sure where they are getting them. My mother is positively the worst person about this. It's okay to do this every once in awhile, if you see a certain one that strikes a nerve with you, or you think is just too funny not to pass on. But my mom (and others) post like ten pictures a day. And my mom captions them..."yep", "so agree"...shut up! Obviously you agree, you fucking posted it! And I cannot stand the ones that are like "love my children and grandchildren more than anything"..."yep"...SHUT UP! If you love them so much, get the hell off the computer and go hang out with them!

2. Stay at home moms who bitch about how busy they are all the time and how no one understands their job, yet they are on facebook all day. This one could get me in trouble. And I know this is not true of all stay at home moms. My sister is one, and I have to beg her to post pictures weeks after they are taken because she is never on facebook. HOWEVER...there are many, many moms on my timeline every day who are complaining about how busy their lives are, yet I see them commenting and posting those DAMN pictures every hour of the day. Or they are the ones in those swap groups bullying us poor people who aren't in them enough to know all the rules or lingo. 

1. People who just love to give themselves a pat on the back. Every day. I AM SO SICK OF THIS. Like I said above, I am guilty of this with the weight loss. However, losing weight is HARD. And I know first hand how much dedication it takes. If I can help one person get through another day of their diet, I am happy to do it. However, if you check into the gym every day, you need to recognize your own douchebag ways. Also, this is one that really kills me: "Picked my nephew up from school today. My sister needs help, and I am so happy to do it. It feels so good to help people and do good things for others." HELLO?! Could you possibly be begging for compliments more? Of course, people who fall for that comment with "you are such a good person" and "your sister is so lucky to have you". If you are truly into doing good deeds for people, then you should also be someone who doesn't need recognition for doing it. 

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