Friday, November 30, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Day 30

It's pretty sad to have a routine for getting laid off.

Today, at 9am, we were told the Council Bluffs campus is being closed in 90 days. Half of us would lose our jobs today, and the other half would work through the 90 days.

I was the very first person eliminated today.

For the third time, I had to sit down and go over severance paperwork and benefits information. For the third time, I walked out of a job, made one phone call, drove straight to Glenwood and cried on my dad.

My poor Dad. My poor coworkers. Poor me.

I can't write about what I really want today, since the ink on my exit paperwork isn't even dry yet and I haven't received my severance payout yet. Stay tuned.

So today, on the last day of this series, I am thankful for supportive friends and family, my health, and possibilities of new opportunities.

I am also thankful I never have to go back to a job I'm not passionate about, that I never have to see certain people's faces again, and that Kaplan decided to stick their foot up my ass AFTER they paid $177,000 for my tumor surgery.

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