Sunday, November 25, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Day 25

Today has been a lazy day, except for a mid morning trip to the gym. I came home and started watching the original Star Wars trilogy, and decorated my tree. Other than that, I've been playing Words with Friends and Song Pop and doing jumping jacks -I read (okay, I saw on Pinterest) that they are a good way to burn calories, so I've been just randomly doing them throughout the day. But I haven't been wearing shoes, and I think I messed up my ankle. We'll see.

I also just started my hair on fire.

I digress. Today I am thankful for...

1. My co-worker JB, who made me watch the Star Wars movies. Huge nerd today I am.
2. Nick, for talking me into putting up a Christmas tree. I love it. He was right, I need a tree.
3. My mom for giving me an old tree of hers, and also for being so forgetful. I told her the other day that she promised to give me $100 when I lose 100 pounds - which she did not - but she just believed me and was like "yep, yep I did...only ten more pounds and I have to give Jen $100!"
4. This one is a big one, and I might ramble a bit. I am so thankful that during the 1.5 years that I have been on this weight loss journey, I have not gave up or took a break.

Let me explain this one a little bit more - I got super obsessed with my google reader a few months ago and found a bunch of weight loss blogs to follow. One of the ladies started her journey about 2.5 years ago, and she had 240 pounds to lose. She has lost about 120, and it seems like she has just given up lately. Her latest entry was very upsetting, and I'm wondering if I should reach out to her through email. She started her journey at 385 pounds, and she has come so far, but losing that amount of weight must just be extremely overwhelming. She blogged recently that she is back to eating candy bars all day, and all her clothes are getting tight again.

Maybe it's because I don't have that much weight to lose. I started my journey and set my goal at 66 pounds - not really for any reason, other than I never thought I would reach it. When my clothes started sagging and I starting looking like a homeless person, Nick started ragging on me daily to go buy new clothes. I told him I wouldn't buy a single thing until I hit 66 pounds lost. Then I did, and it was amazing. I bought a lot of new clothes then. (Well, it seemed like a lot to me. I hated clothes shopping back then. Nick made me promise to buy 10 new items of clothing, and I think I bought 12.) I am now at 90 (probably more like 87 after my three day Thanksgiving shit show). I am going to get to 100, and then I don't know if I should try to lose like ten more pounds, or maintain at 100. I will decide then - but I am so thankful to be towards the end of my journey, and at a point where I can just play it by ear to decide where I want to stop.

I hope blog girl gets her groove back. It would be really sad if she lost 120 pounds just to gain it all back. Not only would all that hard work be for nothing, but I can't imagine that stress that would put on her body and her skin.

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