Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend roundup

I had a very busy weekend, and here are the highlights:

Nick and I went to see this ridiculous movie on Friday night. Which didn't scare me at the time, but now I am terrified and think about it before I go to sleep. Fucking scary movies with creepy scary kids. Sidenote - I don't know why I think I will be able to spend the night in the Villisca Axe Murder House in November.

Mom, Grandma, Kate and I went to lunch on Saturday, and then hit up a few Goodwills in Omaha. Grandma was looking for flannel shirts and pajamas. I am always on the lookout for new (used) tshirts to wear for workouts. It was a nice afternoon and Grandma is so sweet when we spend time and do things with her. 

After that, I went to a baby shower for Sheri. It was not your typical baby shower, what with the wine and beer that was flowing. Normally I avoid baby showers, but I'm glad I didn't this time. For one thing, I wound up on the floor acting out a woman in labor during a very interesting game of charades (which I dominated at) and two, when I first arrived I saw Donna and Calise standing outside talking. Donna looked over at me, so I gave her a little wave and started walking towards them. Donna looked at me strangely and just kept talking to Calise. Of course my mind went to " Donna another one of those people who secretly hate me?" but as I got a few feet away from me, she exclaimed my name - she didn't recognize me! I haven't seen her in about a year, and sometimes I forget how drastically different I look now (especially since I still look in the mirror and see a fat ol' blob). 

Last Sunday, Mama Jan and I were texting about Once Upon a Time, and she mentioned she loves Revenge. I have always been curious about this show, so I got ahold of season one and started watching it one week ago today. I am now all caught up, and I am uber obsessed. What was I thinking, ignoring this show! It's so good, and I'd be lying if I said it's not making me feel revengy. But I could never pull off anything like Amanda Clark/Emily, so I will stick to doing nothing and continuing to be blissfully blissful.
Adventures in Babysitting
Today I ventured over to the Boone's to watch Coop and Chan while Hannah and Nick went to dinner. 
We played in a tent.
Cooper showed me his scared face.
Chandler showed me his cute face.
Coop protected us from Arlo, who he likes to pretend is an alligator.

All in all, a wonderful weekend just happened, and now I have a four day work week. I have vacay to burn before the end of the year, and this is the first of my many four day weekends to come. So excited!

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