Thursday, October 18, 2012're a crazy bitch...

One of my friends was dating a guy earlier this year. Dating may be too strong a word. I think they went on a few dates, texted a lot, and had sex a lot. Whatever. I think that's considered "dating" in your 30's. 

Anyway, this guy was a tool bag. He wouldn't answer texts or calls on Friday or Saturday nights, and then on Sundays at some point he would finally text her back and claim he lost his phone. Who loses their phone every single weekend? I have ignored texts before, and then I claimed that I lost my phone and didn't see the text - but I was lying. I told her that he was lying as well. She chose not to believe me, saying that he does "party hard" on the weekends and it is totally possible that he lost his phone. Every weekend. 

Well, as you can imagine, that relationship went to shit. That, along with me being an absolute trick to a guy who is constantly trying to get in my pants, has made me think a lot lately about how we communicate with the opposite sex as an attempt to get laid. When I was younger, before the days of texting and Facebook and Twitter and all of that, I had more guts. I remember when I wanted the guy, I would just show up at his house. Or his work. What the hell was I thinking? At one point, the object of my affection had a girlfriend, and I just went to his house and crawled into his bed and waited for him to come home. What the hell was I thinking? I cannot believe I had the nerve to do that, and it's even more unbelievable that it worked and we hooked up that night. 

I haven't had this problem in awhile, but it seems now that people aren't as gutsy. Rather than just showing up and crawling into someone's bed, we text and wait for a response. If we don't get a response, we go crazy and text our friends. Then our heart stops when our text alert goes off, but it's just our friend answering our text. The guy never answers, and then we go crazy. But the guy never knows about the craziness - because we mask it in our texts, and only our friends know and have to deal with the true crazy. 

I don't know which is better. Or maybe I'm just getting old. I don't go out and get drunk anymore, so there is no showing up on my boy's doorstep. Also, my relationships now are simpler and there is no need for that drama. But I feel like kids today (meaning people who are 18-25) don't get to experience the crazy that I did. Rather than going bananas and driving 2.5 hours just to make sure the boy of the moment isn't flirting with some girl at a party, you get on facebook and see if they have updated their status lately. Or if they have been tagged in any pictures with said girl. You make your status some song lyric, or some vague statement, and wait for responses only to ignore them or say "don't want to talk...inbox me". 

These poor suckers of today don't know what they are missing out on. You haven't lived until you go batshit crazy on a guy, and I don't mean by sending mean texts or sending out a psycho tweet. 

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