Thursday, October 18, 2012

First bite syndrome FREAKING BITES I am not complaining about having a tumor, or having to have surgery to get rid of it. Yes, the hospital bills suck, but I am alive and well. My scar isn't even that bad anymore.

Some days it feels worse than it looks. Some days I think it looks really red and gross. And some days it itches. Missy tells me this means it's healing. It's annoying, but considering what I went through, I will accept a scar that size.

One thing that has happened as a result of this surgery is something called First Bite Syndrome. It's a real thing. Quit shaking your head. What it means: every time I take a first bite or drink of something, I get a shooting pain up the right side of my jaw. Sometimes it takes a few bites before it stops. The doctor tells me this might go away, but it might not.

It's super annoying. When it happens, I close my eyes and stomp my foot. It seems to help. Also, if I "stretch" out my face before I take that first bite, it tends to help. So if you ever see me doing this:
Or this:
You know why.

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