Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Don't speak...

Actually, can't speak.

I have no voice. It's been a rough couple days. This was life yesterday at my desk.

I went home early and tried to rest, but the storm coverage kept me intrigued. Then I couldn't sleep. But I feel like I'm getting better - my coughs are more wet now (that makes no sense), so I think things are starting to break up and get the hell out of my body.

Since I've been boring and just been laying around, I have nothing interesting to report. So today you are getting a sneak peak into my iPhone, to see some of the pictures I've collected lately.

I really wish I would have had my knife for this picture.

Is. he. kidding. me??? LOVE.

Best seats I've had for a Husker game yet - it was like watching the game on a HUGE big screen right in front of me.

This is my hair after being in braids all day. I couldn't document fully how freaking huge it was.

AHHHHH. Seriously? Look at Chan's face.

I found this pic on the Bret Michaels app. I feel like I took it.

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