Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 30 : A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself

Dear Jen,
First of all, I love that you are done with this ridiculous 30 day blog question series. Get real. Don't do anything like this again.

I love that you have had the willpower to finally really do it, to finally lose the weight. I love that you have started running, when you always had every excuse in the book as to why you "couldn't" run.

I love that you are a good aunt, and that your kiddos love you. I love that Channy and Cooper are comfortable around you when they are rarely like that with other people, and I love that Gavin said you are the most fun aunt he has (sorry Amanda and Kate).

I love that you completed your Masters degree, and with a 4.0 at that. And that you spoke at graduation, even though you were so nervous your leg kept hitting the side of the podium.

I love that you are creative, neat and organized. I love that you finally lasted more than six months at a job. I love that you have a good work ethic that keeps you from abusing sick time or the fact that you've had no boss for awhile now.

I love that you know when to resist the fight and give in to your temptations.

I love that you know when something isn't good for you and refuse to succumb to it.

I love your ability to call people out on their bullshit without starting fights, but just by stating facts.

I love that you volunteer for Habitat and Adopt a Street, and are passionate about Relay for Life. I love that you are a mentor for an 8th grader and you have made her a priority in your life.

I love that you are quirky and sometimes you yourself can't even figure out how your mind goes from Point A to Point B.

That's all. Now get back to work.

Love, Jen

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