Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 26 : Have you ever thought about giving up on life? If so, when and why?

No. I have been depressed before, to the point where I needed anti depressants, but giving up on life? Please. I'm too pretty, smart and funny for that kind of nonsense.

That being said, I do think about death a lot. I assume I will die from getting murdered - so I often wonder about when it will happen. Usually my daily death thoughts are as follows:

About 8:35am, at the stoplight at 96th and Q: Wouldn't it suck if a car just pulled up beside me, pulled out a gun and shot me, drive by style?

9am, when I get to work: Wouldn't it suck if a student came into school today and shot the place up? Where would I hide?

Randomly throughout the day at work: I hope there's not a killer in the mall today.

6:30p, starting my run: What if, when I'm running, someone just drives by and fires at me? Who would find me? How embarrassing, I'll be found when I'm not even wearing underwear.

7p, finishing my run, walking back to my apartment: What if someone pulls into the parking lot and just shoots me right now?

7p-midnight, when I usually watch at least one murder story on tv or on the news: Man, that would suck.

Midnight, when I am turning off the TV to go to bed: I hope no one sneaks in my apartment tonight and murders me.

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