Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 24 : skipping the daily thing, it's stupid

This is ridic. I'm not doing this one.

Instead I will take this entry to tell you how wonderful UNMC is. I had to call them this morning about the millions of dollars I owe them and they were so nice and understanding to work with. I continue to be amazed at how wonderful that organization is.

Unlike Jennie Ed - they are a bunch of dicks. I talked to them and they were downright cruel about the money that is owed, and basically said it's my dumb luck for getting a tumor in my neck.

I am so so relieved that I do not have to have surgery on the other side of my neck (yet) and I am even more relieved to have wonderful people at UNMC to work with to get this whole mess paid off in a timely manner!

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