Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Peace out, summer 2012

Labor Day kinda signifies the end of summer, right? That's fine - I am so ready for hoodies and sweats. And football and the holidays. Of course, if you are my sister, you just force fall and wear a hoodie when it's 85 degrees out.

I made fun of her all day. I was sweating in my tshirt, I don't know how she rocked that hoodie all day.

My weekend was ridiculous awesome. I barely slept it was so awesome. I just wanted to be awake at all times to soak in as much awesome as I could. Now I have no voice, which is, again, awesome. It'll come back at some point.

Saturday was the first Husker tailgate and game of the season - Hannah's dad, Larry, hosts an amazing tailgate.
I was very happy about that hotdog. Also, I was wearing a skirt. I was that girl, who wears a skirt to a football game. It looked cute, but I flashed about 34878 people throughout the day. It was also oddly easy to keep track of Missy all day, although I often failed to find Waldo in those damn books.

We've been trying to get the three best friends together in a tailgatey environment to compare pictures from last year to this year. We finally succeeded, and this is what I came up with:

I can't believe I used to haul all that extra baggage around with me. Those boobs. Wow.

I got kinda obsessed with these comparison pictures, so I did one for Nick as well:

Skinny face! 

My weekend ended with a BBQ at my dad's house with most of my siblings. My newest brother in law killed some sort of animal so we had ribs. Also, I hung out in my old pickup for old times sake. 

I love that damn truck. It's so beat up - I did a number on it, and those who know my dad can only imagine what he has done to it. Yes, that is duct tape over the back window. (That was Dad, not me.) 

On to fall! 

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