Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another Thursday!

Alright fools, here's my weekly update on my life:

Last week's
Food - I was going to try to skip Gavin's birthday cake. Well, he had brownies (this kid is so weird...he didn't want cake). So technically there was no cake to skip. So I had a brownie. And ice cream. And then five Coors Lights at the bar. So Saturday was a trainwreck. Again.
Fitness - I have done really well with this. I was going to add "home exercises" to my workout, but instead I've just been doing them at the gym. I feel really good about my workouts lately.
Misc - I forgot about taking my clothes to the Goodwill until about 9:30p last night. So I packed them up then and put them in my car. Now I just need to drop them off, which I will do today. If I can remember. But at least they are in my car and out of my house!

For this week...
Food - I have been drinking a lot lately - and this Saturday is my cousin's wedding reception. I am going to hold myself to two beers.
Fitness - I have my trainer tomorrow, so that's good. And I won't be able to move Saturday or Sunday. My weekends are where I suffer, so I am going to work hard to fix that this weekend. If I don't go to the gym, I am at least going to walk/run outside each day.
Misc - Well, for one, I need to drop my clothes off at the goodwill. I also have a million centerpieces to make for my sister's wedding reception. I will get these done on Sunday. Maybe with some wine. Wait. No wine.

I am starting a pretty aggressive weight loss plan for the rest of the year. There are 15 Thursdays left this year, and I am hoping to be down a pound at each of them. We'll see...

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