Thursday, August 16, 2012

Week 1 = hell

I can admit it. It's been a really hard week. I miss Nick way more than I thought I would.

I knew I would miss him. But I have this problem (it's becoming a pattern) where I much things are going to suck.

I knew I would be sad, but I assumed I'd be okay. This reminds me of my tumor surgery. I knew it would suck. But I honestly thought I would be fine, and my three weeks off would be like a vacay.

Not the case. And this week without Nick has not been a barrel of fun, either.

When he left last Thursday, I walked him out to his car and promptly started to cry. I don't cry that often anymore. TV shows are really the only things that get me, and that's not very often. But that day, my eyes just kept leaking, and I couldn't get them to stop. I had to go back into work though; I still had like two hours to get through til the end of my workday.

My boss came in my office and asked if I was okay.

"I'll be fine," I said, wiping my eyes more. "I wasn't expecting that to suck that much."
"Yeah, I've never seen you cry, I didn't think you did that," she said.
"How do people go to work without friends? Like, you just go to work...and that's it?" I asked.
She seemed dumbfounded. "Well, yeah..." she said. "I've never had a best friend at work."

She seemed confused by my question, but I truly meant it. I realized then I've somehow been lucky enough to always work with really close, if not best, friends.

I started my working life at Kaiman's, with tons of friends (and some foes), hot guys (like HOT guys) and, of course, my older brother. After that I went to the casinos, where I immediately met this fool:
 Followed by these fools:

When I finally realized I should probably have some girlfriends, the three of us fell in love:

Before we go any further, Katie loves to tell the story that I hated her when I first met her. Not true. I just thought her laugh was fake. Which, let's get real, if you've heard her laugh you agree with me.

Also, my boss, Jill, became one of my best friends and favorite people:
And even though only Missy and Emily are still working together, we're all still in love with each other.
After the casinos, I went to another casino where I had no friends. Well, my only friends were the really high up important people. So it's no surprise when they got fired, I got laid off within weeks. But since I had no friends, I was miserable and was anxious to get out of there anyway. Then I went to Spencers, which was fine but not enough money, so when an opportunity came to work at Kaplan, I took it and I got to work with my best friend for over two years.
And now he's gone, and it sucks. 

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