Thursday, August 23, 2012

Think much?

I've been told I think too much. It's true. Really, anyone who takes the time to write a blog thinks too much.

I haven't thought much about the fact that I think too much (really?). But then today, I went through a series of events that made me realize, holy shit, my mind is constantly cluttered with way too much stuff. This is a twenty minute example of what my mind went through earlier:

Nick IM's me and tells me he can't get the app store to load on his new iPhone. I think about how much that would suck. I remember I want to download that hot sexy song from Roadhouse that is playing with PSwayze is putting it to that nurse. I open iTunes. I see that the last thing I searched for was One Direction. I laugh at how many beers it took before I thought downloading One Direction was a good idea and realize I've never listened to them.  I search for the song and download it. Patrick Swayze reminds me of Dirty Dancing, so I download I've Had the Time of my Life too. This reminds me of Glee. When does Glee come back? Nick asks what I'm doing so I tell him I'm downloading sexy songs from Patrick Swayze movies. He tells me if I'm downloading Hungry Eyes I'm gay. I download Hungry Eyes. Then I download In the Still of the Night. I remember I will be downloading a lot of songs soon for my sister's wedding. I realize my brother will be there, and he will probably want Footloose played at some point. Remember who I watched the new Footloose movie with and throw up in my mouth.  Download Footloose. And Let's Hear it for the Boy, and Holding out for a Hero. Try to download The Girl Gets Around, but it won't let me without buying the whole album. Get pissed. Remember that I just downloaded something to my home computer that will let me get music for free. Get pissed cause I just downloaded ten bucks worth of music. Text Zach and ask him to tell me to stop downloading music because I have an iTunes problem. Wish I could invite Zach to my sister's wedding. Remember how Zach, John, Matt and the Adams used to dance to Footloose at high school dances. Zach texts me back and tells me to keep buying music. Pat texts me and tells me he heard Bret Michaels died. Tear up. Search Facebook and Twitter for validation that Bret Michaels is or is not dead. Actually cry a little bit. Panic. Search google. No information there. Pat texts me that he was wrong. Still worried Bret is dead.

Seriously? Somehow, without stopping to think at all, I ended up with like ten new songs on iTunes, texted two people, went down memory lane and thought my lover had died.

I may need to slow down.

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