Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm still alive...

I feel like this week is getting away from me. But have no fear, faithful reader(s), I am not done blogging. Here is a cliff notes version of the last week:

Last weekend:
Toni came to stay with me for the weekend, and Trisha happened to be in Omaha, too. We met up for dinner and drinks with Zach, and then Missy came and hung out too. It was a great weekend of catching up, even though I put on about 3 pounds!! But you have to live, right? Whatever...I have the whole rest of the year to get to 100 pounds.

 On Saturday, Toni and I went to the farmers market (lame) in the rain (kinda cool) and then shopped at Village Point. I fell in love with a new's small, kinda like a pencil bag, but I am making myself wait until I hit 100 pounds down before I get it. But I can't stop thinking about it.  Sunday I took her to the airport, and then my sister and I did nails, lunch and shopping for new Husker gear since I had to get rid of all of mine.

Also on Sunday night, I realized how easy it is to paint my toenails now. So glad that gut is gone so I can rock hot pink on my toe nuggets. Also, all my shoes are too big - seriously, I've lost weight in my FEET?
This week:
A major shakeup at work has made it more tolerable, so I am pretty content right now. I am sure there are more shakeups to come, so whatever. I'll take them as they come.

My last week of classes started today - YAY! I have two powerpoint presentations, a final research paper, a portfolio and two discussions standing between me and my degree. Get me out of here! So sick of being a student.

Also, there are pregnant women all around me. No, that does not make me want a kid. At all. Not even a little bit. However, I have to admit that images like this make my uterus kickstart a little bit:

 Sheri's babe was kicking it up over lunch. I don't know how I would handle that. Maggie's reaction was to get all handsy.

Moving forward:
The rest of this week will (hopefully) fly by. I am so ready for a three day weekend, and then a three day work week and then another three day weekend.

P.S. Tomorrow's weigh in is going to SUCK. I ate my face off this weekend. The lower my weight gets, the more momentary messups screw me up. I ate such good food, so I'm not going to worry about it. But I will def not be reporting a loss tomorrow! One of the girls I follow on Google Reader is giving up weighing herself and basing everything off how she feels and looks. It's interesting to think about that - like right now, the scale is saying I put on weight. But the skirt I'm wearing is very loose, and I just wore it to a wedding three weeks ago and it fit. So clearly my kettlebell and running/walking has adjusted some stuff, even though the scale disagrees.

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