Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weigh in day - July 5th

Seriously, weigh in day right after a holiday? Not okay. So obviously I was up. I ate like crap yesterday. But I'm okay with it. I was only up 1.2 pounds, and I am working to get back on the right track this week. My head is not in the game...too much drama, especially today. People who suck have got to stop trying to suck the awesome out of me! 

I will have a different story next week, I promise! (Okay, I can't promise...but I hope!)

1.2 pounds up
84.6 pounds down total
15.4 pounds til goal

I am trying a few new things...
1. I am upping my cardio each day from 30 minutes to 45. 
2. I'm adding core exercises at home. 
3. I have got to get out of my own head...I am letting the man (literally) get me down. And I'm also letting the crazies get me down. 

I also really need to stop wearing clothes that are too big for me. I just can't accept the size I'm in. I still think I'm bigger. My mom took some pictures of me setting stuff on fire yesterday, and the pants I was wearing are two sizes too big. Not flattering!

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