Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2nd list

482. Magic Mike night with Molly and Hannah. I really love my girlfriends a lot right now.
483. I've been working out really hard lately - not really showing on the scale, but I'm feeling pretty good about it!
484. Road tripping with Nick to Kim's wedding.
485. I should not be allowed at weddings...I am always inappropriate.
486. Every time I'm in a Catholic church, all I can think about is sex. This is the number one reason I dropped out of Catholic classes.
487. I did the best thing on Saturday - I got to marry my sister. I am so so honored that I got to do this. I love the looks on our faces in this picture.
488. My nephew. He is the most considerate, sweet, smart, awesome little boy I've ever known. And he is a cutie pants.
489. My parents have one of those 3.5 foot pools in their yard. LOVE. I want to move to Glenwood just so I can sit in it all summer.
490. The fact that my parents got a pool the same summer that I decided to start wearing bathing suits again.
491. Finally getting this look documented, which is the look I give when I think a person is acting like a fucking I understand why I get in trouble at work for giving this look to people in meetings. 
492. Yeah, I'm gonna say it - I love myself in that black dress. And I love that I have another dress I'm going to wear to work tomorrow.
493. Driving to Glenwood to make my sister's marriage legal this morning, and realizing I really do want to live there someday. Mainly for the Chinese food. How is Glenwood's chinese place the best in the world?
494. Keeping my fingers crossed...
495. Cleaning my apartment on a Sunday night while watching True Blood. I don't know why this was so peaceful, but it was. Nothing like vaccumming to the image of a vampire getting slayed.
496. Opening medical find very small balances. I may just be able to handle this...
497. Talking on the phone like a high schooler. 
498. Flipping the calendar to July. This is the month I'll see Bret Michaels and I'll turn 32.
499. Remembering I was supposed to have it all figured out by the time I was 32. May have to adjust that goal...
500. Being halfway to 1000! 

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