Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday letters

I am stealing this idea from a college friend, Micah. She had this on her blog today. A few letters, to a few people...

Dear me: It's so annoying that the day after weigh in, you weigh less than you ever have. Stop being annoying. Get your shit together.

Dear Missy: hanging out last night, even though it was just sitting on my couch for a few hours, was so needed. I needed to sort through my thoughts, so thanks for listening.

Dear Kaplan (my graduate school): I am really, really sick of being a student. So excuse my half-assness for the next eight weeks. I just can't wait to cut you out of my life.

Dear Kaplan (my employer): I need a vacation really fucking bad.

Dear Midnight Dancer: With everything you have put me through, said to me and done to my heart over the last eight years...goodbye, fool.

Dear all guys who currently aren't happy in their relationships: Get the hell out. Come on. Life is too short not to enjoy going home every day. Like way too short. You could get hit by a bus tonight, and that's that.

Dear digital picture frame: Quit being a bitch. There are some pictures I need to see during my days, so start working again!

Dear Kaylee, Gavin and Gracie: Please be good for Aunt Jen tonight. You guys usually listen to me, and aren't too jerky when I have you - so let's just have fun, watch some movies, eat some popcorn, and I'll teach you more cuss words and dangerous things to do when your parents aren't around.

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