Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finally, a loss!

After two weeks of seeing the number go up on the scale, I was relieved to see a loss this morning. Today's numbers:

Loss - 1.8 pounds
Total loss - 85.6 pounds
4.4 left til goal of 90

I had a good week. What am I talking about, I always have good weeks. I guess I've just been really happy lately. A lot of good stuff is in my life right now:
 - My workouts have been awesome, sweaty good times lately.
 - I haven't been so crazy about my points. I eat all my points every day, but I actually allowed myself to eat my weekly points too this week. I didn't dip into my activity points - let's not get crazy.
 - Even though I think my neck scar is repulsive, everyone around me says it's no big deal and not really that noticeable. I will choose to believe them, even if they are just saying it to be nice.
 - This weekend is packed with fun - little reunion on Friday night, Saturday is Channy Boom's birthday party then POISON, and Sunday I have to help grandma in the AM then Grace Potter at Cove with Missy and Melissa.
 - Next weekend is my birthday - I am not sure what I'm doing yet, but I like to be the center of attention for a day.
 - I start my LAST term of school on Wednesday. Then I will be a master.

So see, lots of good stuff. I cannot wait to see Bret Michaels up close and personal on Saturday night. I can't explain. I love that man.

Also, this week, I was able to get into my "goal" skirt. I have had this skirt forever, and it was too tight forever. Then I could get it on, but it was not flattering at all. My goal has been to look hot in this skirt. Mission accomplished!

The picture on the left is a three best friend picture from June 2011, but I cut out the other best friends. I am huge. And disgusting. But let's get real, I was still a crap ton of fun. (Literally TON of fun). 

And I know how lame it is to take pictures of yourself in the mirror. So shut it. 


  1. You look amazing, Jen. Good for you! You're so close to your goal. I still have 10 lbs. to go, and I feel like it's going to take its sweet time coming off.

    I hate looking at pictures of myself from two years ago. It's so not what I look like now. It makes me angry ... and yet motivates me too. I'm making big changes and it's good to see progress.

  2. I'm struggling with the picture thing too. I hate them, but the pictures are of such good times I can't get rid of them. I'll just take them as motivation to never get that way again! I'm also planning a tattoo for when I decide I'm done - that way, I have a inked reminder never to get big again!