Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weigh in day - June 28th

Here are today's stats:
1.4 pounds down
85.8 pounds down total
14.2 pounds til goal

I switched things up a lot this week. I stayed very close to my 31 allotted points every day, only using a few weekly points and no activity points (I never use those, anyway). I worked out six out of the seven days, and switched up my workouts. Rather than just running every day, I got back on that dreaded elliptical, which I thought I hated but it was okay. I used to love it, but when I started running that was all I wanted to do. 

Since I've learned throughout this journey that every part of my life affects my diet, I will need to watch myself this week.  I am hating school something fierce right now - I just want to be done, and finding the motivation to do homework is killing me. I am also not really happy at work. I normally don't let things get to me that much, so this is super annoying.  Also, I feel like someone I care about is just telling me what I want to hear...which is never good when they don't act on what they say.

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  1. WW is different for everyone, but I've actually had more success when I eat all my weekly flex points (but none of my activity points). Weird, right?

    Good work! You've made amazing progress, and it sounds like you feel great about where you are.