Monday, June 25, 2012

Time to get (really) serious

In the beginning, this blog was just going to be a list of awesome things. I really love making lists. I make them all the time, about everything in my life. You'd be amazed at some of the lists I have...

Anyway, the other day when I wrote all about my surgery and what it did to my diet, I realized how much I miss writing. I wrote my face off all through middle school and high school. I kept a journal for many years...from the time I was probably 12 until I was like 23. Then I started doing things that didn't need to be documented, so I quit. And I'm still doing things that don't need to be documented, so I'm not going to start again.

However, I am going to start using this blog as more than just a list. I have recently discovered two other bloggers who blog about their weight loss. I'm not going to write about it as much as they do, mostly because I diet do differently than other people that my advice and "wisdom" would be of no use to anyone. But I am going to start blogging on my weigh in day (Thursday) with an update of how I did and any notes I may have on it.

You see, in the beginning the weight came off pretty easily. In December 2011 I hit 58 pounds lost, and hit a plateau. That's when I joined the gym and added in five workouts a week. I've hit other plateaus, but for the most part I've been able to push through them. As of now, June 2012, I am about 84 pounds down. I don't know if I've hit an actual wall, but I think I need to shake it up. I love running, but I think my body has gotten too used to it. I've read you have to shock your body now and then, so I'm gonna try to do that this week. I am only getting 30 points a day now, so I'm going to work really hard on staying within my points and not using my weekly points. I know when my "problem times" are, so I'm going to work on fixing those. Also, I think holding myself accountable and knowing I have to report my weekly weight loss into this blog (all five of you who read it) will help me work harder so I have better things to report.

So that's that. On Thursday I will post my progress towards my ultimate goal of 100 pounds. Yikes.

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