Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 3 - post surgery edition

411. My family. They were there for me, unconditionally, throughout this whole thing. Even when I was crying and throwing a fit in the hospital. Nicole blew my nose for me and dealt with all the nurses and medical stuff that she knew I couldn't face. She lied to me when she needed to (like when I had to have a tube put in my neck) because she knows me well enough to know I can't handle that kind of stuff. Kate stayed with me several nights, including the night I had to go back to the hospital after a freak incident. Bill, Peg and Dad all spent several hours just sitting with me. I have such a supportive family, and I can't believe how lucky I am.
412. Jan, who thought she was just having a nice little visit with me, and then I ended up passing out on her back porch. I am a disaster at times.
413. Big Bang Theory - kept me entertained throughout this whole process.
414. Finally getting to sleep in my own bed after ten days. I was so overwhelmed when I got home that I just cried.
415. My Aunt being back in town.
416. All the cards, flowers and get well soon wishes I got.

417. Spending time with Gavin - he woke me up every morning with a hug, asked me how I slept and asked if that thing on my neck is any better.
418. Peg and Dad making me so much food, especially made Jen style.
419. My aunt sending cookies from Portland.

420. My wonderful friends who checked in with me all the time.

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