Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25 list

463. Three day weekend, even though Monday was only taken off for doctors appointments.
464. GOOD doctors appointments. My tumor's former residence is looking good, my patched artery is still all patched up, and that doctor said he doesn't need to see me anymore. Now if only the other two would tell me the same.
465. Going to see the play Hairspray with Hannah on Friday. I had never seen the movie, and I freaking loved the play! I'm a bit of a dork I'm afraid.
466. Driving to Ames to see my nuggets and my sister on Saturday with my sister.
467. I love when my nieces love me. I mean, they love me all the time. But sometimes they really love me.

468. My sister Kate being tough and helping me carry in the two tubs, three garbage bags and box full of clothes that my sister Amanda gave me. Love love LOVE them both!!
469. Sleeping on the weekends. There is nothing better.
470. Sunday lunch with Nicole, Kate, Mom and Gram. Then shopping all afternoon and an ice cream treat later.
471. Rather than just assuming I can't eat ice cream, checking the points and realizing there actually is stuff at Dairy Queen I can eat.
472. Celebrating one year on Weight Watchers. What a year it's been! I am so proud of what I've accomplished. And what all my fellow Weight Watchers have accomplished!
473. Randomly spending Sunday afternoon with Nick, Hannah, Coop and Chan.
474. Three crazy nights of dreams.
475. Making plans.
476. Sometimes just talking is enough...
477. Yep, I'm being mysterious with that one.
478. Tara as a vampire.
479. My dad checking in on me.
480. Finally, after 1.5 years of living in Omaha, I found a nail place!
481. The countdown is ON! 26 days until I am five rows away from my love Bret Michaels!

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