Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2nd, 2012

396. I accept it...I accept that I won't be going to Nickleback/Seether. It makes me cry, but I accept it.
397. I also accept that I will be off work for three weeks.
398. And I accept that I'm getting cut open at the throat.
399.Walking Carter Lake with Missy and discussing just how stupid guys are.
400. Being involved in Relay for Life.
401. Starting my third to last term. And finally swallowing the bullet and taking this finance class. May get my first B (or C) but that's okay!
402. Knowing I get to see my nieces and nephew on Saturday.
403. My sister getting what she wants.
404. Really good people (who I think have a direct line to the big guy upstairs) telling me they are praying for me.
405. My stepmom going to two appointments with me.
406. Not crying at those appointments. I've cried at every doctors appointment I've had lately!
407. Getting matched with my mentee! I will be a mentor for a young girl, and I cannot wait!
408. Running my face off and actually loving it.
409. And loving the sweat that comes with running - I am a disgusting mess when I'm done!
410. Saving all my magazines up for my big hospital stay.