Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3rd, 2012

312. Surprise visits.
313. Speaking in code.
314. An awesome weigh in.
315. Playing Angry Birds with Coop, where he holds the phone and I hold his finger to fling the birds.
315. Seeing how excited Channy gets when his mom shows up.
316. Lake Zorinsky, which has become me and Missy's stomping grounds.
317. The buffalo chicken pizza at Varsity. To. Die. For.
318. Getting all my homework done early on Sunday so I could have dinner with my parents.
319. Sitting around my parent's kitchen table.
320. Running my next Coach to 5K workout and actually not dying - I may just be able to get through this thing!
321. A long walk with Katie after that. Who earns 12 activity points in one day? Oh, I do.
322. My dad ripped a skin tag off my neck when I was whining about it. Ripped it off. And then he hurried me to a chair and lied to me about how much it was bleeding. Gotta love my dad.
323. Finally just telling him off. Finally!
324. When I told my Dad about telling him off, Dad wanted his phone number. And Little Brother got all rammy. And Step-mom got all mouthy. It's nice to have so many people who are willing to beat up guys who are mean to me.
325. Two more weeks of these classes, then break week!
326. A three day weekend is coming up...thank God!
327. This quote from my obsessive reading of Fifty Shades of Grey...which pretty much sums up life. "Men aren't really that complicated. They are very simple, literal creatures. They usually mean what they say. And we spend hours trying to analyze what they've said, when really it's obvious. If I were you, I'd take him literally. That might help."

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