Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 28th, 2012

383. Volunteering at Habitat for Humanity. Good touchy feely fun.
384. Getting back on my Friday nights with Cooper and Chandler schedule.
385. A surprise visit from my parents.
386. Finally coming to terms with this surgery thing. I will go in, have this shit removed and then have three weeks off work. And I will deal with it, and I will be fine.
387. Being in a spot in my life where I can take care of myself, even when road bumps come my way.
388. A nice run this morning, and sweating through my shirts.
389. Watching reruns I can't bear to delete off my DVR.
390. Tator tots for dinner.
391. Getting my week one assignments done without too much trouble - now here's hoping the rest of the term goes that easy. Especially since I'll be in the hospital for part of it!
392. My friend Leanna and her amazing braid talent.
393. My co-worker Olivia, who bought me a card and People magazine. So nice.
394. A good day of getting all my housework, laundry, homework and some extra stuff done.
395. A good night's sleep after many, many nonsleeping nights.

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