Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6, 2012 - Baby-sitters Club edition

291. While singing along with Taylor Swift the other day, I realized that the only reason I know what the word "sophisticated" means is because Stacy McGill, treasurer of The Baby-Sitters Club, was so sophisticated because she was from New York City, or the Big Apple as they so often described it. That got me thinking to how many things I learned from the BSC. And hence...today's list will be the wonderful things about the wonderful book series that I was obsessed with during my childhood.
292. The memories - my cousin and I were OBSESSED with these books. In 4th grade, we started a club in our class, and we signed our club names on our papers and tests until Mr. Funke made us stop.
293. Things I learned from the BSC
  • You can basically throw together any kind of outfit with as many different patterns and color you want, as long as your face is pretty and your hair is luscious, ala Claudia Kishi.
  • Catholic families make a lot of babies. How many Pike kids were there?
  • If you belong to a group of girls, do not try to make friends outside the circle or you will be booted. Like when Stacy got cool and she was exiled from the group. This is still true at 31, so good call Ann M. Martin.
  • When boys are clingy, you gots to get rid of them or you're stuck with a Logan on your hands.
  • Accents are dreamy. Maybe that's why Mary Anne kept Logan around.
  • People from California are just so laid back, or "California casual". Dawn was so laid back, she wouldn't eat meat, freaked out on everyone when they littered and constantly was fighting with Kristy for Mary Anne's affection.
  • When people have eating disorders, they will move food around their plates and rip fries in half to make it look like they ate more. Oh, Jessi's on to you you anorexic ballerina Mary.
  • As long as you a in a baby-sitting club, your parents will let you travel the world with your friends even though you are only 11 - 13 years old.
  • If you hang out with older surfer dudes, you'll get in a car wreck because they are so California cool. Poor Stacey learned that the hard way.
  • If you have a crush on a guy, you are basically dating. Even if you don't really talk to them.
  • I'm not going to lie, when I went to Disney World a few years ago half the reason I knew where I was going and so much about the park was because the Baby-sitters went there on a cruise.
  • Kid Kits are the best invention in the world. However, my "kid kit" is now my iphone, which entertains all of the nuggets in my life for hours on end.
  • Gingers are bad. Jackie Rodowsky? Bad kid.
  • Because of the BSC, I totally thought I had diabetes for years. And asthma. And I thought I was horrible looking because I had glasses and Mallory had glasses and she was an uggo. But to this day, literally everything I know about diabetes is from BSC book #3.
294. I remember reading these books out loud to my sisters on our bunk beds. Poor Kate must have been so bored.
295. The videos! They were on HBO. Yes, I have several. VHS tapes. And it wasn't that long ago I sat watching Mary Anne and the Brunettes intoxicated.
296. Say hello to your friends...
297. Going to goodwills and thrift stores as an adult and trying to recollect the series so my nieces will have it.

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  1. Um. I love this post, for so many reasons. I wish I still had all my BSC books so I could re-read them.