Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 4, 2012

268. Serving lunch for Employee Appreciation Day.
269. Modern Family this week absolutely SLAYED me.
270. Last week of classes! Wooh hoo!
271. Two new classes start Tuesday - let's get this masters degree DONE!
272. Coins on the ground.
273. New running shoes!
274. A session with my trainer where I do things I didn't think I could do.
275. Making Rbang dinner, and him telling me I "knocked it out of the park".
276. Little King dinner with Hannah, and Cooper eating my extra bread.
277. Seeing Beverly Hills Cop for the first time. That Eddie Murphy is a funny dude.
278. Sunday movies with Missy.
279. Lunch with Grandma, Mom and Kate.
280. Grandma referring to a BLT as "wicked".
281. Threatening to punch mom in the cancer.
282. Mom describing my former chest size as "freaking honkers".
283. Shopping with Kate.
284. My first piece of Under Armor clothing. I don't know what it is, but it's freaking warm and comfy.
285. Switching between TSwift and Adelle in my jeep. I literally want to drive forever, just to keep singing.
286. 68.8 pounds down! When I hit 75, I'm eating at Don and Millies and savoring every last bite.
287. Staying in my bed til 10:10am just thinking.
288. A random Sunday morning hanging with Cooper, coloring and setting up his markers so he could knock them down.
289. Playing dumb.
290. Coach shoes? Hell yeah.

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