Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28th, 2012 - Weight Loss Edition

As of right now, I have hit the 70 pound mark with this weight loss journey. I am so weirded out by how different I am, and how different life it. So today's list is all the awesome things about being 70 pounds down.
298. Being able to cross my legs.
299. I actually don't mind clothes shopping now - it's kind of fun when you're not in the plus size section!
300. Having all my family and friends freak out about how much better I look.
301. Being able to run! And even training for a 5K! I have never ran in my life, using my boobs as an excuse as to why I can't.
302. Which leads me to my boobs...kinda nice being able to shop for bras in stores, as opposed to ordering them from special websites. But they are literally disappearing, so this is a little bad too...
303. Looking sexy when I go to bed in short shorts and a beater, as opposed to looking sad and disgusting.
304. Having random facebook friends who I haven't seen or talked to in months comment on my pictures.
305. Weight Watchers as a whole - it is SUCH a great program, I am a huge advocate. 
306. Having so many people join WW now...we have our own little support system!
307. My face looks so different, which makes make-up a whole new fun game.
308. Not being so tired all the time.
309. Holding myself accountable - I weigh myself every single day, chart my weight every week and measure myself every three weeks.
310. Doing things I've never thought I can do - adding a little weight to each lift, running just a minute longer - it's so much fun pushing myself and seeing what I can do.
311. Seeing pictures of my old face. Doesn't it look like I'm wearing a fat suit?


  1. That's amazing. You should get paid from WW... How many people have been inspired to join due to your efforts? I know I'm one. :)

  2. You look amazing, Jen! Great work. I've lost ALMOST 25 lbs. in the past year. That's incredibly slow, but there are a lot of factors at play, and I'm just glad the numbers on the scale are going in the right direction.

    Also, clearly, I'm just now catching up on your blog. I didn't have it in my google reader for some reason. Fixed.

  3. Thanks ladies - it is really exciting.

    Wendy - I'm so excited you have started your weight loss journey, and I'm glad to "coach" you through it! You're already beautiful, and this will just help you feel better about yourself.

    Micah - Great job to you! And thank you! You are looking great too!