Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb 27th, 2012

245. Happy birthday to the best dad in the whole wide world. Yes, mine.
246. Yesterday my grandpa would have been 80. It was a day full of thinking of him, wishing he was still here, and asking him to continue to watch out for me.
247. Celebrating Dad's birthday on Saturday with the girls from Ames, smoked turkey and exceeding my points by eating birthday cake.

248. Meeting the kids at the mall first, and actually giving in and stepping way out of my comfort zone by letting them play in the gross ass play area in the middle of the mall.

249. "These sunglasses aren't really my style." "Gavin, I will still buy you a toy later and let you pick out a pair of sunglasses now." "Oh, then these are exactly my style!"

250. Gracie being my best little friend all day.

251. And Kaylee liking me a little bit, too.
252. The Taylor Swift CD - I just needed it!
253. Chocolate cake and frosting.
254. Going to bed early on a Saturday night.
255. Leaving all my homework til Sunday and still getting it done.
256. Writing a paper that actually means something to me personally and made me think.
257. Accepting the fact that I probably will not get a 4.0 this term.
258. Sitting and taking with my sister. We get along so well sometimes.
259. Watching red carpet interviews for seven straight hours yesterday.
260. The Oscars! My favorite day of the year, besides my birthday.
261. Actually running - yes RUNNING - at the gym. I haven't ran since Mr. Sylvestor made me in 3rd grade.
262. RBang telling me I'm the sweetest girl he knows. He must not know many girls.
263. "I've known you a long time, and sweet is not the word to describe you. No offense." - Katie
264. Calise, Missy and Katie watching the awards with me, eating so much food with me, and having some intense girl talk with me. I hope we didn't scar Calise.
265. Katie's new group nickname for us, and Missy's idea for us to get matching tattoos. Where should I get a ladybug tattooed?
266. Katie's suggestion of our vaginas being discarded immediantly.
267. The fact that Amanda's kids will crawl into a dog kennel at any time and pose for a picture.

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