Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb 15, 2012

178. Feb 15 - my best friend from college's birthday. Tonille Davis, much love to you!
179. Nick doing the call ahead seating thing, even though he knew we wouldn't need it.
180. Feeling in control.
181. Old voicemails.
182. Texting with my BFFSFG all day.
183. When my BFFSFG tells me about songs I need to hear right that second.
184. Taking the day after the Oscars off.
185. Taking the day after Nickleback off.
186. Getting so excited for Nickleback I did an actual leap in the hallway.
187. Officially halfway done with this school term.
188. Kate Spade iPhone cover...yes, I'm a snot.
189. Being sore.
190. Jason Stackhouse on New Girl. DAMN BOY.

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