Monday, February 13, 2012

Feb 13, 2012

161. 10 minute games.
162. Breaking Dawn - finally made it through the birthing scene and saw the end of the movie.
163. Getting really really excited for Relay for Life in June.
164. Upgrade to the iPhone4S? I think I just might!
165. Getting drunk off water.
166. Knowing I NEED to start thinking before I talk.
167. Going to Edward and Bella's wedding reception with Missy and Hannah.
168. Texas Roadhouse, and licking the biscuits cause Missy is trying to avoid carbs.
169. New tires.
170. When my grandpa asks me for help with his email and facebook. "If I email something from one computer, can I see it on another?"
171. "Aunt Jen! Where's your phone?"
172. BDubs with Hannah and Nick and the kiddos.
173. Grammy night with the girlies.
174. "Well obviously I would marry the shit out of one of them, and throw the other one out the fucking window."
175. Carpooling to work.

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