Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24, 2012

136. A impromtu Friday afternoon after work with awesome people.
137. Drunk texting. I forgot how fun it can be.
138. Impressions.

139. "She doesn't even give blow jobs! She doesn't count!"
140. Sheri hitting the floor after that comment was made.
141. "I'm going to kiss you. Can you put that on your blog?" - Julie
142. Making Nick take me to Perkins at the end of the night.
143. Casino buffets on steak nights.
144. Getting my taxes done.
145. Grandma telling me she's proud of me.
146. Someone telling my mom she looks really good and healthy. Now if only she would believe it.
147. Stopping at only one bite of the chocolate chip cookie. Just needed a taste!
148. The gym on Sunday mornings.
149. My Week With Marilyn. Just...lovely.
150. Sitting in the theatre so long with Missy and Karen that the cleaning people came in and kicked us out.
151. Once Upon A Time. BEST show on tv.
152. Getting nervous. Haven't been nervous in a long time.
153. Crying about real life. Haven't done that in a long time, either.
154. My first theatre experience all by myself. It was wonderful and relaxing.
155. The Artist. Yes, I know it is a silent movie. I absolutely loved it.
156. My brother getting straight A's, and my cousin doing awesome in her class.
157. Sweating my ass off at the gym.
158. When Jamie calls me just to talk.
159. Plans to go to Nickleback and SEETHER with Nick!
160. Magazine subscriptions.

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