Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jan 17, 2012

103. Three day weekends.
104. Being wanted.
105. Being strong enough to say no to those who want me.
106. Mario Kart and Super Mario 3 nights with the Boone's. Bad side of this - for days after Mario Cart, I actually drive like I'm the Princess racing around a track.
107. Cooper - "Aunt Jen, help." Me - "Um, buddy, actually I have no idea how to peel a banana."
108. "Why do we have Martin Luther King Jr Day? It's not like there's a day for all the Presidents." - Aunt Tammy
109. Wonderful people in my living room watching award shows with me, and not getting mad because I commentate everything that happens.
110. Gavin - "Can we call Uncle John?" Me - "Yeah, but why?" Gavin - "Um, we need to tell him that the Broncos lost."
111. This face.
112. Mini pigs in a blanket.
113. Eleven straight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Exhausted much?
114. The idea of new opportunities.
115. Being painted.
116. Red Mango and shopping with Julie. Girly much?
117. Three person planks.

118. Amanda - "Your boobs are so much smaller! What are you, a DD now? You can buy bras at Victoria's Secret!"
119. Being told I look flat in this picture.
120. Just chilling out. Whatever happens, happens. It is what it is.
121. Gouda cheese.
122. New tv shows.
123. Betty White is 90. Legend.
124. Plans, so many plans.
125. These quotes: "Life is too short to waste time hating anyone." "Take a deep breathe. It calms the mind." "When it comes to going after what you love in life, don't take no for an answer." "No one is in charge of your happiness but you."
126. Creighton games with Missy.
127. Having so many friends that I'm actually worried about getting a boyfriend, cause I can't bear to lose any of my free time.
128. Being 60 pounds down, and so much hotter.
129. When my dad needs me.
130. When my grandpa needs me.
131. When my stepsister says she wishes my other grandma was her's. She'd be lucky to have her, my grandma is kickass.
132. When my grandma does a Martin Luther King Jr impression for my crazy aunt who can't remember why he's famous or why we have a day just for him.

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