Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 19th, 2011

77. Making New Years Resolutions I may actually be able to keep.
78. NYR #1: Don't go out for lunch so much, fatty. Once a week. That's all you get.
79. NYR#2: Hit your goal weight by December 31, 2012. You know what it is.
80. NYR#3: Go see your freaking friends. No one lives that far away, so get your ass in a car or on a plane and go visit people, ya deadbeat.
81. The freaking gym! Who knew I could actually like working out? I just feel so damn awesome afterwards.
82. Inching my way through the work day so I can enjoy five days off.
83. Experiencing my first weigh in that resulted in a gain, and living through it.
84. Oh, NYR#4: Quit wasting so much time on facebook. And give up pinterest all together. What a damn waste of time.
85. NYR#5: Read more. You have tons of books you haven't read, because you're too busy wasting time on facebook and pinterest.

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