Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7. 2012

18. My best friend Nick being born 28 years ago today.
19. Being able to walk outside in November.
20. Jason's Deli.
21. Shopping with Leslie.
22. Charming Charlies. Best store ever! And I'm not even that girlie.
23. Memorial Stadium!
24. Tailgating in Lincoln.
25. Finally getting my Husker face tattoos.

26. Brewburgers on 108th and L. So good!
27. Cooper Boone being so excited about his mama making him an airplane that he couldn't even get words out.
28. Teaching Cooper how to throw goldfish in the air and catch them in his mouth.
29. Once Upon a Time - such a great show!
30. Being so busy at work I can't even get up from my desk - job security! (Fingers crossed...)

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